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WealthWisdom Financial Stewardship 8 – Week Course Online unlocks your understanding of biblical principles on seed and harvest (economics). WealthWisdom Stewardship communicates biblical truth about stewardship, legacy, tithes, savings, debt reduction and wealth. We bring the scripture to life in a really powerful way that will influence the management of your money. Each household will receive a financial plan design specifically for their household to eliminate student loans, mortgage debt and build a saving like never before.

Our next 6 weeks Financial Stewardship Training Class Online will begin on August 15th, 2023 All classes are held on ZOOM each Tuesday nights at 7pm - 9pm weekly for 6 - weeks. Course Cost - $139.00 - REGISTER NOW

Start Tuesday August 15th 2023 - September 19th 2023 Class Register Now


Course Overview

Wealth Wisdom Financial Stewardship Online is 4 weeks of spiritual wisdom and 4 weeks of practical money management. Each couple or individual will learn God’s wisdom on Seed and Harvest, First Fruit, Tithing, Wealth, Prosperity, and Legacy.

  • Week 1: Committed to God
    Giving of the first fruit
    Paying of tithes and offering.
  • Week 2: Transforming You
    Changing your mindset
    Using your talent and gifts
  • Week 3: This is how we do IT
    Styles and Habits
  • Week 4: Write the Vision
    Develop a plan
    Consider the cost
  • Week 5: Challenges of Money
    The Understanding Expenses
    Understanding Income
  • Week 6: What Matters
    Setting Financial Goals
    Exercise Managing Debt
  • Week 7: Working with What?
    Financial Management
    The Meaning of Legacy Is
  • Week 8: It's YOUR TIME
    Building Your Road Map
    Saving and Investing

New Beginnings

This course demands that you look forward, it will challenge you on legacy, tithes, savings, debt reduction and wealth. There will be things that you didn’t think you will need at all and it just might turn out to be the one thing you use almost immediately.

Ecclesiastes 7:12 Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves those who have it.

Everything in 8

Each of the 8 lessons are designed to build on the other. Taking the spiritual and showing the everyday life application.

Your Personal Budget Tool

Use our financial application to see your individual budget plan. Every budget is specific to your current life style

Change Lives keep your Life-Style

Learn relatable practices on this continuous journey. Each instructor teaches with simplicity and uniqueness. Leaving ample time for questions.

Wealth Wisdom Stewardship Online for Your Church Members

We want to impact how the Body of Christ understands biblical principles of seed and harvest (economics).

WealthWisdom mission is to communicate biblical truth about stewardship and financial responsibility to impact the lives of the Kingdom of God. We want the Body of Christ stronger than ever when it comes to Financial Freedom, it's important for believers.
We hope to bring the scripture to life in a really powerful way that would influence the stewardship of the believer. Let's set some dates for your congregation.

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It is Our mission to develop a new platform to Tithing and Financial freedom that allows you to Provide, Protect and Preserve a way of life for your family. .

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